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Fly Ezi

Fly Ezi is an Flight Search and Booking Application.

Tech used: VueJS, Amadeus API, Firebase(with Cloud Functions), Circleci

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Syde Hassle

A Progressive Web Application which serves as an innovative way to improve the Sales and Marketing Strategy for Ek-brandconsult to reach out to more client using a referral and commission system

Tech used: AngularJS, Firebase(Serverless with Cloud Functions)

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Mint Organic Care

This is an E-commerce website built for a Client. I worked on this as my effort to replicate the website. Original website can be found here

Tech used: VueJs, GraphQl, NodeJS, Express

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Peg Dashboard

A dashboard to manage clients and transactions

Tech used: JQuery, Datatables, Python(Flask)

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Travel and Tour

A travel and tour website template I have built which is readily available for customization.

Tech used: HTML, CSS, VueJs, Devless (A Backend As a Service)

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Akai House Clinic

A PWA for a Health Facility located in Cantoments, Accra - Ghana.

Tech used: HTML, CSS, VueJs

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Company Portal

This is a portal built for the Clients of Ek-brandconsult. The features include, Shop, Bulk SMS and Mailing. This is where clients will basically reach out to the company.

Tech used: Frontend (ReactJs, Ant Design,HTML, CSS, Apollo-graphql(client)). Backend (NodeJS, GraphQl, Express)

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Hair Couture

A website for a hair stylist. This has a great theme and the template is available for customization.

Tech used: HTML, CSS, VueJs.

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These are links to other projects.

Kofi Obrasi Ocran is a bit of many whole in the Tech space but basically grounded in Python and JavaScript for both Frontend (Predominant) and Backend Development.
Building Softwares has been my contribution to helping businesses reach a larger markets by providing scalable solutions for thier specific use case. The great thing is that, as a programmer, I'm always required to understand a particular industry to be able to develop a solution for their business and basically keeps my brain active. 😁

Familiar Techs

I use some of them actively and for others I've worked with it in the past. They are not in any particular order.

My other interests are Cloud Computing, Data Engineering and Computer Vision. I'll make a transition to one of these fields pretty soon.


As someone who uses Open Source tools on every single day, it is simply appropriate to give back to the community.

I contribute to the user interface Hangar Project.
Hangar is version control for tensor data. Commit, branch, merge, revert, and collaborate in the data-defined software era. Read More